6″ of  fresh snow sitting atop a mucky, muddy mess of a rolling country side finds me sitting inside my mountain cabin with fire-a-blazing keeping warm and trying to subdue the stress/anxiety/and ill feeling of having a 36′ trailerable catamaran, parked in my driveway, so far off the beaten path, and needing to find its way to southern California and beyond… to Baja, Mexico!!!!!

The past two days have tested me with anything and everything going wrong. However, I am determined to go on this Rally for Cruisers, and nothing will stop me from accomplishing my goal!!!


3 thoughts on “10/6/11

  1. Way cool boat! Wish I had one! Let me know if you ever need crew. I’ve done the Haha 3 times. Owned a 37′ Lagoon cat and did the Haha in ’99 on that boat. Did ’01 Haha on a 56′ cat. Enjoy! It doesn’t get much better than what you are currently doing. Keep the blog rolling. I’m lovin’ it!

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