From 80 to 8 and back to 80…

It’s Tuesday, December 6 and today finds Cat2Fold, Deidre and I sitting here in Playa San Gabriel, eating the most delicious tamales! We came out here on Sunday the day after I returned from my whirlwind 3 day trip to Victor, Idaho to return my amazing kids, Georgie and Beo back to their Mom. It was 80 degrees when we left the airport in San Jose Del Cabo and about 8 degrees that night in Idaho Falls. Georgie and Beo flew down to Mexico with my girly girl, Deidre. It had been just over a month since I’d last seen them, and never before had I been with them on my boat in what some may consider warm weather paradise. After getting provisions on board the next day, we headed out to playa de Balandra. This bay/beach is only about 10 miles away from La Paz. Incredibly beautiful, white sand beaches, and what appears to be good snorkeling, beckon one to stay for a while and enjoy/explore. Ben and I had stopped here on our way into La Paz. We never did have the time to check it out, so I was eager to go back. We dropped our anchor at around 5 pm, had dinner and talked about how much fun tomorrow would be. Unfortunately, around midnight the winds shifted, turning our once calm and ideal anchorage into a rolly mess. We, and everyone else in the anchorage, exited first thing in the morning. We were heading another 15 miles to Caleta Partida, supposedly the best, all weather anchorage on Isla Espirtu Santo. The waters around here make you feel like you are sailing around in a pool. They are SO clear!!! We were hiding from a norther that was blowing so we stayed for 2 nights. We played on the beach, dinghy’d to another cove for an attempt at kid snorkeling (very challenging), hung out with a neighbor boat and did a great hike that took us to an amazing view of the other side of the island. We ate our snack overlooking a huge cliff on one side and the turquoise blue water of our anchorage on the other side. On the way back, we misjudged the tide and I had to walk the dinghy with everyone inside for nearly a mile in one foot of water. Fishing is illegal, and this we did not know for the first few days, so Beo and I tried fishing and caught a barracuda on the first try. Luckily he outwitted us, and escaped. After Partida, we moved up a couple of bays to El Cardonel, which is on Isla La Partida. Caleta Partida anchorage always had about 10 boats there, but in El Cardonel, we owned it! At least we did for the first night, then El Deberon, a fellow Haha boat, came and shared the rather large anchorage with us. We took the kids out on the paddle boards to explore the remains of an old oyster farm where we were able to see (from our paddle boards) needle fish, clown fish, crabs, barracuda and much more. The water was crystal clear. There was also a large sandy hill which stimulated a lot of racing, and I am continually amazed at what little athletes my kids are and how competitive they are for being so young. We also went on a beautiful hike here, where we meandered through a mangrove forest, a desert and up to the top of another steep cliff overlooking the other side of the island. Sadly, we were running out of food and beer….we headed back to La Paz. It was a beautiful, sunny sail on the way back to La Paz. We wore just our bathing suits the entire time. There is nothing better than getting good wind and sailing in the heat with an amazing view. In La Paz, we ran into Endorphin – another “kid” boat with a little girl named Savannah and Beo and G were thrilled to have a friend their own age to play with. So, needless to say we spent a few happy hours on their boat. The next day rained, and so we stayed put in La Paz for one more day. That night we went to the “The Shack” for the biggest burgers I think I have ever seen. The next morning we headed out for Playa San Gabriel Beach, which is towards the southern side of Isla Espiritu Santo. Much to my dismay, a turning block on my sail broke just after leaving the marina. We had to turn around and head back into the anchorage, I had to put on my climbing harness….climb up the mast and fix the turning block. And…once again- we were off to Playa San Gabriel to meet up with Convivia (another haha boat and these guys were with kids – Ruby and Miles, who just happened to be the same ages and Beo and G). The sailing was super exciting, and as we hugged the coast we sped right along to the anchorage nearly two hours before our friends…and I was pretty psyched on my cat2fold!! That night, most everyone we talked to felt sea sick during their sail, but not us on the smooth sailing catamaran. G did feel a bit nausuas, but only for a wee bit. Playa San Gabriel’s first night was a bit windy, winds up to 38 knots during the middle of the night. Kids slept right through the noise :)! Once again, I am pretty stoked on the performance on my 10KG Rocna. We didn’t move an inch! The next few days were filled with paddle boarding, swimming, potato sack races on the beach and hanging out on Convivia for some delicious fresh fruit smoothies made by Tucker. The adults were lucky enough to get a bit of rum in their smoothies. It was on this beach that a crab tried to latch on to G’s little toe. We were making sure to keep up with our stingray shuffle during our beach walks, but we never thought about the hungry little crabs. Luckily, the crab just took a tiny little nibble of G’s toe and she was running around only seconds after the attack. It was also at this anchorage where we had quite a few peeps swinging from the jib haliard off of Cat2Fold. From 6 year olds all the way to 60 year olds. Then, back to La Paz…once again! This time to leave my beautiful girlfriend on the boat by herself while I took the kids back to Victor Idaho. Two weeks went by so very fast, I sure do wish the kids could have stayed for longer. I can’t wait until our next sailing adventure together!

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