Loving life in Mazatlan!

After a 45 hour sail – coming from La Paz we arrived in beautiful Mazatlan!  Imagining that we would be arrviving in a big city….we were pleasantly surprised to end up being one of only two boats in a tucked away anchorage near Isla de los Chivos. Our crossing from La Paz could not have been any better with perfect weather and great sailing.  This being my first overnight sail ever, I was psyched that it was such an amazing experience!   And…I am super excited that we have reached mainland Mexico where it is nice and HOT.

Since it was nice and hot this morning, I thought I would start my day out by jumping in the water.  Right when I got out, I looked down and saw a Portuguese Man of War!  Needless to say, I was the only one who went swimming today.  We are now heading out to Isla Isabel, another long sail (93 NM).  Apparently, this is the land of the blue footed boobies.

We are leaving Mazatlan right now and trying to catch up with Convivia http://forgeover.com who left us a few hours ago.  Maybe, if we catch them by tonight, they can hand us over some of their delicious margaritas to make the sail even better 🙂



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