Stuck in San Carlos

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Sitting here in the camper up to our axles in San Carlos beach sand!!! The sound of the ocean just feet away. The idyllic location in SO many ways, albeit…
…after arriving here Saturday afternoon, and finding Cat2Fold awaiting us in the work yard, we did a quick reacquainting session, and then drove the camper to a spot over looking the beach just North of San Carlos. It was a nice spot. Beautiful sunset!
A morning walk on the beach found us playing with two puppies that lived in the nearby fishing village. We soaked in the warmth. Even in the middle of the summer, the Tetons are never this warm so early in the morning. A quick breakfast, and we were off to get some work done on Cat2Fold!
The first bit of work on the list was to replace the main halyards. The old ones were chafed through enough that I did not feel comfortable lowering the masts with them this past spring. So with some new halyards aloft, we were able to safely lower the masts, allowing us to add the new masthead spinnaker blocks, so we can run some larger, light air front sails.
We finished the day with some prep for the large job of applying bottom paint. Last year, we had to deal with a fouled bottom WAY more than we ever want to deal with again. We are hoping that some anti-fouling bottom paint will help us out immensely in this regard.
We left the marina, as the sun was setting. One quick stop for some groceries, and we were off to find a different beach spot to camp at.
Just as it is imperative to arrive at an unknown anchorage by the light of day in an ocean going vessel, arriving in the dark to an unknown beach in a 12,000 lb. truck turned out to be a bad idea. So, we sit, up to our axles in a sand pit, in an AMAZING spot to be camping, and marvel (and curse) at this amazing adventure we are just beginning to embark on.
We could be sitting at home. Warm by the fire. Worried about what tomorrow will bring… Instead we chose to drive 1,000 miles to spend a winter on board an amazing catamaran sailing another 2000 miles around Pacific Mexico.
Getting stuck on the beach is just the proverbial icing on the adventure cake. 😉

…hopefully we get outta here easily (cheaply) enough!…

One thought on “Stuck in San Carlos

  1. Deidre and Brian, Great start to an exciting adventure! Thanks for sharing your experiences on this blog…it is great fun to read and gives me the opportunity to share your adventure through your words and photos. I am just getting started (Dec 5) here and hope to get caught up this week.

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