San Blas – A quintessential Mexican town.

I absolutely LOVE San Blas.  When I think of heading to Mexico, this is the type of place that I think about.  The people are amazing, and there is so much going on all the time!  I love that people are cruising around on bicycles, horses and mopeds (sometimes 3 people are on these tiny little machines).  So, after we did a few errands in town, Brian went back to the boat and I stayed and took a few photos.

Matanchen bay is just around the corner from San Blas (a 4NM boat sail).  We stayed here for one night, and while Brian cleaned the hulls…I got to go on some amazing beach runs on the white sand beaches that seemed to go on forever.

If it were not for the one million jejemes buzzing about — I would never want to leave this amazing place.