The Hermosillo Handout.


Well, I made it to San Carlos safe and sound, however not without giving another donation to the local Hermosillo police department. Of the 5 times I’ve driven through Hermosillo (3 times south, 2 times north), I have been pulled over 3 times! Each time the same thing…pulled over for some made up excuse, have ticket book in hand talking about how much money each infraction costs, telling me to follow them to the Police Dept. (which I read to NEVER do), then I end it by giving them TOO much money as a bribe!
The reason for pulling me over this time?… My license plate was too dirty! After I wiped the dust off with my bare hands, he made it seem so important that I stop and have it washed with a rag and water. 500 pesos later (around $40), and I was on my cautious way south once again.
I’m starting to REALLY dislike Hermosillo! I came into town well aware of this bullshit practice, so I made sure to follow all the traffic laws to the T! I also liked having my truck dirty and not looking like quite the pimped out rich guy rig. Oh well, I’ll just try and think of it as a rather expensive toll I have to pay to get through on my way to San Carlos.
I still like the idea of keeping my rig dirty and used looking. On my way back through next time, I’ll just make sure I WAX my license plate…
Time for a run and swim then to go get C2F and start working!