Banderas Bay

Just like in years’ past, Banderas Bay proved itself a magically wonderful place to be living aboard Cat2Fold. From Punta Mita to Paradise Village, we soaked in all the area has to offer and more! From paddle boarding to boogie boarding, dock parties to family time, crocodile slides to day sailing. Speaking of “soaking” in all that is offered here, we even had 5 days of rain to deal with! Cat2Fold can be quite a moist place to hang out with rain in the immediate forecast, so we did the best we could to stay dry and happy. We visited Cate, Winston and Indigo (from Teton Valley) who have a wonderful Condo in Punta Mita. Unfortunately, after being informed that we were being too loud (from the neighbors below), we all packed in their van and headed to Puerto Vallarta to see a movie and walk through the mall. The crowds we found on the roads, in the mall, and at the theater were beyond anything we had anticipated. Clearly, the throngs of tourists visiting Banderas Bay had the same desire to find some sort of dry, inside activity that we did.
At the Christmas Eve dock party, the kids all gathered together and had some serious play time. Allison from s/v Kenta Anae, even brought enough fixings for all 12(?) or so kids to make gingerbread houses!!
Unfortunately, our time in Banderas Bay seemed to pass by all to quickly and the next thing I knew, it was time to fly the kids back home to the cold, snowy north. All in all, the kids sailed nearly 750 miles with me aboard Cat2Fold this year. It was an adventure I won’t be forgetting any time soon, and I’m sure the kids won’t be forgetting it either…

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