Heading South

After safely delivering the kids back home to their Mom, I was lucky enough to spend one of my two days up north, backcountry skiing in Grand Teton National Park with some GREAT friends. Two runs on Maverick then an afternoon of partying felt like an entire ski season concentrated into one day for me. Luckily, my friends were easy on me, and allowed me to keep up with them on the up track. Hanging out at sea level for months then skinning up a 10,000 foot peak can be a humbling experience. Luckily I was able to get myself up the mountain twice in the fierce storm conditions that prevailed throughout the day. A definite highlight of my quick trip home!
The next thing I knew, I was landing at the Puerto Vallarta International airport. While picking up a fish taco, waiting for the bus to take me back to C2F, I ended up having a conversation with a nice lady named Rae. Two days later, Rae and her husband, Lou, were guests aboard Cat2Fold. We sailed them throughout Banderas Bay looking for whales, eating, drinking, and talking all the while enjoying the smooth ride of Cat2Fold under sail. Rae and Lou were at the very beginning of a 6 week stay in Banderas Bay, and as far as I could tell, their day sail with us may very well end up being their best day of the whole trip!
We hung out in La Cruz for a few more days and once provisioned up, we aimed Cat2Fold out towards Cabo Corrientes and sailed away with Bahia Chamela in our sights, over 100 miles away. The first bit of our sail was slow and smooth, but once we reached out beyond the protection of Punta Mita, things got lively. The wind and the swell picked up enough to where Cat2Fold was sailing at 10 knots with surfs reaching nearly 15. With the wind being as strong as it was, sailing dead downwind, directly to our goal, was our shortest and fastest point of sail. Fast enough, that by morning light, we could see that we had sailed past s/v Pantera, who had left the La Cruz anchorage several hours before us. Bob had undoubtedly sailed a hotter, faster line than us, which added many miles to his sail compared to ours. Also, being a single hander, Bob dropped all sail in the wee hours of the morning in order to get some sleep. This is undoubtedly why Cat2Fold caught up with and past the much more formidable Pantera.
After a quick chat on the radio, Bob and Pantera continued their journey south toward Barre de Navidad, and Cat2Fold ducked into Chamela Bay with the hopes of catching some glorious waves aboard the paddle boards. We dropped our anchor at about 9am and spent most of the day catching up on some much needed sleep.

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