In December of 2013, My kids Beo and Georgie were able to join me for the migration south aboard s/v Cat2Fold. We sailed over 750 miles from San Carlos, SON, over to the Baja, down to La Paz, back over to the mainland and south to Banderas Bay (Puerto Vallarta).
We had AMAZING conditions for a fast run south, and the 30 days seemed to disappear faster than our vanishing wake at 15 knots!!!

Charette Family Adventure 2013

2 thoughts on “Charette Family Adventure 2013

  1. Wow Brian, loved your video with your kids! What a precious memory and everlasting treasure to share over and over again with Beo and Georgie! Love the music also, is that a Brian original, if not it should be, how fitting! Please, I would like to know how I can download that song. Love it! Hugs to you my friend Jane

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