From Cat2Fold to Cat2Track….

It’s been exactly two weeks back here in the mountains and it’s been pretty amazing! Despite the lack of snow in the Tetons this year, we have managed to partake in many, many snow activities (including: ski-jorring with Saba, cross country skiing, backcountry skiing, & skiing the Vill and Targhee, snowball fights and riding the back of the groomer attached to the Samuarai!! I have to admit, my nervous self was completely apprehensive of this activity. Before starting, I was imagining all the bad things that could happen…like running over the kids with the groomer, legs+arms+feet all being broken. Ends up, Georgie and Beo loved it and I even took a ride and it was a blast.

For those of you who aren’t aware of where Brian lives….He lives in Felt, and in order to get his house (which I call the ‘magic kingdom’), one must either cross country ski or take a snow machine in 3 miles from a parking lot on a farm. The farm itself, is 15 minutes from the closest town (Tetonia). So, by the time you get out to the parking lot, you have usually been driving for a good 45 minutes. Some of the picts below are of the ski out to the house (and the samarai ride).

The time has seriously flown by and I can’t believe Brian is already heading back to Mexico on Tuesday. I have about 10 more days and plan on working a ton, but also doing as much skiing as possible before heading back to Mexico. It is pretty amazing here in the mountains, but I can not wait to get back in a bathing suit and soak up the sun on cat2fold!

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